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Quality Control in 3D Printing Through ISO and LEAN

As 3D Printing moves toward more widespread application in mainstream industrial markets, it’s interesting to note the shift from the desktop hacker providing parts at Maker Faires to contract service companies utilizing processes and procedures…


Disney and CMU Create 3D Printing Sewing Machine

Disney Research and Scott Hudson of Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute have developed a way to 3D print with wool. While most 3D printers use layers of plastic to print objects, the device that Disney…


German 3D Print Company to Open Facility in Michigan

A Germany-based 3D print company, Voxeljet, announced plans to locate its first US facility in Michigan. Voxeljet specializes in providing 3D printers, as well as on-demand parts, to industries such as aerospace, art, and architecture…