Category: Architecture

Articles about the use of 3D printers in Architecture.


3D Printed Great Pyramid of Giza

The MakerBot Academy has recently released a content pack that’s designed to give students an inside look at one of the oldest and largest pyramids. The content pack gives students a look into the ancient…


Students Design 3D Printed Mini Homes

Architect and professor Peter Ebner, with the help of his workshop students, has created a 3D printed pint-sized mobile house. Using 3D printing technology, the group designed, developed, and printed a “mobile mini-house” that’s designed…

gI_90840_3D Model of House Plan 187-1001 Cropped

3D Printed House Plans

When it comes to designing a home from the ground up, home builders often have a difficult time showing customers the completed results from drawings alone. Customers want to see how their house will look…


3D Printed Forbidden City is Now Complete

The latest news from Amsterdam is that the 3D printed project which started in October of 2013, and was scheduled to continue until February of this year- is now finished. The project? A 3D printed…