Now You Can Get a 3D Printed Mini-You in British Supermarkets

If you have quite a bit of spare change and some time, you can get a 3D printed figurine of yourself at select UK supermarkets.

While still in the beta stage, 3D scanning pods are being set up in grocery stores to facilitate DIY figurine self-portraits.

The process is simple.

Users go online to set up an appointment and find their nearest pod.

They then get into the booth and in 12 seconds, have a 3D scan of themselves.

Apparently, the pods allow re-dos, because you do not have to pay until you are happy with the created image.

Then, in about 3 weeks, your figurine arrives.

ASDA3DME, the company behind the booths, said that the printing is done in a specialty 3D printing facility.

They also warn, “Each figurine is carefully crafted and should be regarded similar to a porcelain ornament and used for decorative purposes only.”

They are also a bit pricey, with costs starting at just over $75 and increasing depending on how many people are involved in the scan and which options are chosen.

Also, while they do allow babies in the scan booth, the company says no pets are allowed just yet.

Photo Credit: Unilad