We fooled you – 3D printing is just a gimmick

3d printing a gimmck

Thanks Terry, now we’re going to have to rename our blog to 3DGimmicker.net.

We’ve been telling you for some time now how 3D printing is going to change the world. It’s time to tell you the truth. We’ve been making it all up. All the stories about real companies saving real money with 3D printing? All faked. All the individuals in the world creating new products and businesses with 3D printers? Sorry, we fooled you. All the medical advancements already saving lives? Boy are you gullible!

Yup, the truth is out, from the lips of Terry Gou, the president of Foxconn Technology Group, one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. He ripped 3D printing a new one, when he explained to media in Taiwan last Monday that the advancements in 3D printing “did not mean the advent of a third industrial revolution.”

Just to make sure the world knows what a scam the whole thing is, Gou told reporters “3D printing is a gimmick, If it really is that good, then I’ll write my surname ‘Gou’ backwards [from now on].

We hear you loud and clear Mr. Gou Uog.

Source: Source China Morning Post