The Third Industrial Revolution: The Economist gets it

The Economist, a magazine that has brilliantly been on the forefront of heralding the importance of 3D printing, has done it again with a Special Report on the subject. The lead article is called “The Third industrial Revolution,” followed by ““What manufacturing will be like in the future,” and “How 3D Printing is Changing the Future.” Each one is worth reading.

In addition to these articles from the print version of The Economist, the Special Report on their website includes two great videos everyone should watch.

3D printers will change the face of manufacturing beyond recognition

Paul Markillie, The Economist’s Innovation Editor, is interviewed about the Third Industrial Revolution. He says as manufacturing goes digital, it will change beyond of all recognition, while moving manufacturing back from countries like China to the rich countries where the consumers live.

The era of the home manufacturer

This excellent video focuses on the advent of the “individual manufacturer,” empowered by digital design and manufacturing services who can partner with the home designer and can assist in marketing and sales. They go in depth on two companies, Shapeways and Quirky, who put the tools of manufacturing into the hands of the masses using 3D printers and social networks.