The Story of “LEO the Maker Prince” 3D Printing Book

One of the most creative uses of technology is integrating a user interaction that can be applied to areas such as storytelling and education.  Leo the Maker Prince is an excellent example of such innovation.  The old-school printed book that is available from online retailers such as O’Reilly does teach kids about 3D Printing and what it can do for the world.  But author Carla Diana is also a designer and artist who has worked on merging robotics with sensor technologies to bring creations to life that can charm and surprise.  So the idea of an interactive experience was natural for her.


Since Carla had experience using 3D Printing to rapid prototype in her work, she wrote a children’s book that included designs that could be downloaded and 3D printed.  The cool characters in the book now can literally jump off the page and become toys for kids to extend the story to their own worlds.

O’Reilly recently did a webcast with Carla about her motivation, how she innovates, and details about the 3D Printing described in the book.  You can see the webcast here.