Tacoma FabLab: “Like a YMCA for nerds”

I recently tried describing FabLabs, but I’ve yet to visit one, so I could only go by what I’ve read. Scott Wallace is a Co-Founder of Tacoma FabLab, and this is his description: “FabLab is a high-tech workshop for tinkerers, artists, entrepreneurs — those who like to create and make stuff.” Some of the members point out that people come with their own expertise and that if you have an issue with your project, there’s likely someone that knows how, and is willing, to help.

At Tacoma FabLab there’s a CNC router, a laser printer, and two 3D printers available to members; there are also classes and tutoring to help with learning software. Member Isiah Coberly of New Pencil Inc says: “When I see a place like FabLab, I want to support this. Because what I think it does is it empowers the community; all of a sudden children and young adults, adults, older people get involved. They do something that they didn’t think that they could do before — they end up making things.” Check out the video.