NY Conference Takes 3D Printing from Prototyping to Production

A wealth of 3D Printing and additive manufacturing conferences have sprung up around the world, covering all aspects of the wide range of 3D Printing topics.  For those of us in manufacturing, however, these events just scratch the surface of the knowledge base we need for making informed decisions about bringing additive manufacturing to the factory floor.


This week in New York City, American Business Conferences aims to fill the gap with a 2-day conference with a focus on manufacturing.  The website claims the August 27 – 28 event will “cut through the hype” which is just what business and industry need in order to assess how to integrate 3D Printing with traditional manufacturing methods.

Speakers certainly are not the usual evangelists and equipment manufacturers who benefit from 3D Printing hype, but rather end-users from the field.  Engineering and production management, company CEO’s, designers, and innovators from the likes of Boeing, New Balance, Adidas, Mixee Labs, Sols Systems, Rietveld Architects, and Local Motors will speak to the problems and promises of additive manufacturing they have experienced first hand.

To learn more go to the conference website.

  • Iván José Areinamo Martinez



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