Full-color, desktop 3D printer coming at an incredibly low price

prodesk3d by botObjects

Things are moving at such a rapid pace in the desktop 3D printer space, as consumers are getting more for their money seemingly with every new product release. Just like the PC and 2D printer spaces were a couple decades ago, improvements are coming so fast and furious that you can’t help but always want to wait for the next great product that’s about to come out.

This week a company has announced what seems to be quite a revolutionary step forward, one that will provide capabilities that you could not purchase anywhere near its projected price until now. It’s the ProDesk3D printer from botObjects, and it promises full-color printing in a desktop printer at a very affordable cost.

Similar to an inkjet printer, the ProDesk3D will use a proprietary 5-color PLA cartridge system, which will mix colors from the cartridges to create the colors you want to print. We’re not talking about five separate, fixed colors on the model, but a rainbow of colors wherever you want.

The printer will offer a proprietary dual extruder head, a self-leveling print bed, support material that does not require any finishing chemicals, self-calibration software and a tri-fan system to create a consistent airflow across the print bed for more accurate modeling. All this comes in a strikingly beautiful, anodized aluminum casing..

The website doesn’t indicate the availability date or the price, but according to SolidSmack, who spoke with co-founders Mike Duma (CTO) and Martin Warner (CEO), the ProDesk3D should be available in June 2013 at a price point competitive with higher end desktop printers like the Formlabs Form 1 ($3,299) and Makerbot Replicator 2 ($2,199 – $2,799). That is an incredible price range if it works as advertised, and should certainly shake up the desktop market.

Here’s an audio interview of the co-founders: