Gun Control? Here’s what the “printable gun” guy thinks about that

As I write this, Diane Feinstein is on the hill making her proposal for gun control. I thought it would be appropriate (or inappropriate to others) to share what Cody Wilson thinks. Wilson, whom we’ve visited many times on these pages, is the founder of Defense Distributed, and the guy who started up the whole “printable gun” topic last summer. He’s also set up the DEFCAD website, where anyone can download many firearm parts. At the current time, the printable gun parts community seems to be most interested in printing high-capacity magazines, since that is the easiest target of gun control proponents. Obviously, with 3D printers available to anyone, putting limits on magazines is not going to do much good.

As Wilson says in the video, “Welcome to the age of the printed magazine.” Cocky? Opportunistic? Yes. And yes. But you can say that about both sides.

People like to say that 3D printing will change everything. This is part of everything.