Bethesda 3D-Printed Doom’s BFG

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If you’ve ever played Doom, you are familiar with the BFG, short for “big f*cking gun.”

Bethesda commissioned 3D printing company MyMiniFactory to make them a 1:1 scale of the BFG and it turned out glorious.

Game Rant reports:

According to MyMiniFactory’s production squad, lead designer Kirby Downey spent roughly 35 hours designing and preparing DOOM‘s BFG for printing. In fact, the project itself was so massive that the company had to split the model into more than 70 pieces for the printing process, which ended up lasting over 1000 hours, with many of the pieces taking almost an entire a month to print.


As seen in the making-of video for DOOM‘s 3D printed BFG below, MyMiniFactory’s head of post-processing Sarah Wade took point on finishing the project off by gluing it together, painting it, and making it appear as close to the in-game version of the weapon as possible. For those wondering, it’s a 1:1 scale model of the one found in id Software’s most recent iteration of DOOM, with Bethesda stating it’s so heavy that “it takes at least three people to carry it.”


At the end of the entire process for DOOM‘s 3D printed BFG, instead of simply putting it on display in one of the company’s offices or lobbies, MyMiniFactory and Bethesda graciously gave it away to a fan. The life-sized model of the weapon now belongs to John Mullen, who had previously won a BFG paint job competition.


Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time that the DOOM gun has been created outside of the main game. It just so happens that one fan actually built the weapon entirely out of LEGO pieces several months ago that consisted of more than 5,000 bricks, and weighed in at 20 pounds.. Prior to that, in anticipation for gory first-person shooter’s release, one fan of the franchise created a Fallout 4 mod which added the BFG into the post-apocalyptic RPG, allowing fans to unleash even more hellish fury upon the Wasteland.


Of course, it’s almost certain the DOOM BFG replica from MyMiniFactory won’t be the last instance of assets from the game to get 3D printed, but it’s a wonder if anyone will have the time to take on another project of its kind once id Software puts out the shooter’s premium DLC pack later this year. After all, slaying demons is hard, time-consuming work, except when it comes to those fans with the ability to make a speed run through the game in an hour and a half.


Photo credit: YouTube / Screenshot.