Beautiful Eventorbot: A new open-source 3D printer

eventorbot 3D printer

Here’s yet another open source 3D printer in development. There are so many garage 3D printers now that we don’t write-up every one, but it’s a beauty and he’s got such great photos of it, we wanted to show it to you.

It’s called the Eventorbot, found on Thingiverse, which the developer calls “simple with less materials.” The simplicity results in fewer plastic parts in a stronger structure. The hiding of all wires makes for a really stunning look. It’s so nice to see printers that don’t look like erector sets.

He will have a complete parts list and the STL files for all the plastic parts uploaded within the week. In fact, I just read an update on the Facebook page this morning that said, “I can work on the STL files or the parts list later tonight. Which one do you guys prefer first?”

You’ll be able to build this baby for between $300 and $500.

Here’s some more tantalizing photos:

eventorbot detail 2

eventorbot detail 3

eventorbot detail 4

h/t: 3Ders

  • Stewart

    Hi looking machine but have you see the new aluminium sumpod 3d printer at

  • That is a beauty. Damn, it’s hard to keep up with them all.

  • Aurelie

    Hey there your printer is looking pretty good!! I ‘ve got a question for you if you’d like to answer. I want to buy a 3D printer with 2 head or more of course, but the price’s kind of expensive. About your own 3D printer how did you do it?

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