Dinosaur learns about 3D printing

“…3D printing. It sounds absurd. It sounds impossible.”

Those words were uttered by Jeremy Paxman, presenter for the BBC’s Newsnight program, who recently hosted a segment on the rise of 3D printing.

I’m not familiar with Paxman or his show, but I think this comment from the show’s Youtube video page pretty much sums up his style:

Well.. in case you haven’t noticed this is the Paxman trademark, indifferent frustrated ignorance. I thought he delivered the piece in exactly the way he would be expected to have. Dismissive and vaguely annoyed. You gotta love him, eh’

But, the piece does provide a pretty good introduction to 3D printing for those who are unfamiliar with the technology. Well, it does until about minute 7:30–that’s when Paxman comes on and talks to Paul Weber of Objet’s UK partner company, Tri-Tech. I’m not sure if Paxman doesn’t get it, or just doesn’t want to get it.

We’ll leave you with one of Paxman’s best lines:

“Forget it, you aren’t going to put these into people’s homes, are you?”

Yes, Jeremy, we are.