Adobe Photoshop Create Cloud Enables 3D Printing


3D printing is about to get a publicity boost that just might make it more mainstream.

Adobe has announced that it will make 3D printing more accessible by enabling Photoshop to allow 3D printing. This software update comes through Adobe Creative Cloud, rather than the stand-alone desktop software. With the new update, Adobe Create Cloud subscribers will have immediate access to 3D printing capabilities in Photoshop.

Most people are aware of 3D printers, and vaguely understand how they work, but 3D printing still isn’t an entirely user-friendly process. Adobe Photoshop, though, aims to change all that. The favorite software program of choice for most designers and other creatives for 2 dimensional work, Adobe Photoshop now offers software support for 3 dimension design, a move that will help to pave the way for more accessible and easier to use 3D printing.

As it stands, creating a 3D object that is printable, is a long drawn out process that most people are not familiar with. However, Adobe’s update stands to change all that. Since Adobe Photoshop is a program that many people are familiar with, the process of designing a 3D printable object becomes easier, and is more user-friendly.

Adobe Photoshop now provides major support for 3D printers, through an update that they made to Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC). They have also created a direct connection with Shapeways, a 3D printing service, to make it simpler for consumers to try their hand at 3D printing and design. With Shapeways, you don’t even need a printer to make 3D printing possible. You simply upload your idea to the Shapeways website, and the 3D printed version of your design will be printed and shipped to you.

With Adobe Photoshop, it is possible adjust color, add texture, and even add custom design. With Photoshop, you can also see the 3D version of an object before its printed and make changes as needed. Perhaps most importantly, Photoshop allows users to easily determine whether their design is compatible with 3D printers. Often, after a design is completed, it is can be incompatible for a 3D printer due to thin walls, or holes, and other problems. Adobe’s update includes integrated tools to enable users to spot these printing problems in Photoshop.

Once an object is designed and ready to print, users can choose to export it as a file, or to print directly from a printer, such as MakerBot and 3D Systems Cube desktop printers. Users can also submit their designs directly to Shapeways for printing.

Software support for 3D printing will only continue to develop, but this software addition by Adobe will increase consumer enthusiasm for 3D printing, and shows that Adobe intends to be a major player in the 3D printing marketplace.