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customizable lithopane mona lisa

Thing of the Week: Pictures

According to instagram, photography is cool. Be the hip one with these 3D printable picture enhancers.

for the birds

Thing of the Week: Customizer Contest Winners!

MakerBot held a contest for its Customizer on Thingiverse, awarding three individuals with Replicator 2Xs for their thoughtful customizable uploads in the categories of Artistic, Useful, and Wearable.

2-Color Octopus

Thing of the Week: Dualstrusion

There aren’t too many 3D printers that can do dual extrusion, but they’re out there, so two-tone objects are on Thingiverse too.

tool holder

Thing of the Week: Organization

If your desk is a little cluttered and you don’t know where all your screwdrivers are, use these 3D printable Things to bring some organization into your life.

3d printed 13 bong water pipe

Thing of the Week: Bongs and water pipes

I’m not advocating anything here *cough cough* but if you happen to partake in the usage of a certain herb, there are various water pipes for your enjoyment on Thingiverse. *cough*

ford engine 3d printed

Thing of the Week: Engines!

There are plenty of mechanical Things on Thingiverse, so with some ingenuity, these engines can be made to power those Things.