3D printing scarier than sharks, claustrophobia, spiders, wasps and even babies

I see a lot of odd videos on Youtube about 3D printing, but this one takes the cake, and was just begging for me to have a little fun with it. I’m horrible, for posting this, I know. But, it’s a slow Sunday morning, so I thought I’d share it so you can have a little chuckle on Saint Paddy’s Day before you head out for your green beer.

The young lady is very afraid of 3D printing. With all the media scare about printing guns, I first thought that would be her subject matter. But no, she’s got a bit larger problem with it — she’s afraid of how 3D printing will cause “an entire collapse of the world economy.” Hell, it’s even scarier to her than sharks, small spaces, oceans, being trapped buried alive, spiders, wasps, and even babies.

Have fun, and Happy Saint Patricks Day.

Sidenote to the Youtube video maker: You actually sound like a smart girl. While I too have wondered what all the low-skilled labor we have will do, don’t be afraid, additive manufacturing will bring unimaginable benefits to the world, including some areas you are probably interested in and haven’t thought of, such as the bioprinting of replacement human organs and the environment.